Kitty Says Hi ! by

Leyla Fiore

 4.52 (89 Stimmen)

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Director's Note

Awesome ! Leyla loved this outfit, she was in super mood and asked for classic rock songs for dance ( ACDC, Motley Crue… ) and was 200% into it, good energy, smile, fun…and a lot of licking obviously.

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Bester Kommentar This show counts 18 clips divided in Standing 7, Pole 7 and On TB 4. Three TB clips are xxx; together ± 15½ minutes; sound okay.

Bare feet in many clips. Starting Nude (except catears and catbell) two Standing, one Pole and one TB clip.

Leyla looks very good: both face and body. She has beautiful long, wavy hair. The outfit was funny, sexy and it suited Leyla perfect!

I liked the catears, the catbell and the bikinibottom in particular. In the Standing clips Leyla does real and good dancing.

The same in the Pole clips. She moves elegant and graceful around the Pole meanwhile teasing the viewer.

In the TB clips little puss plays with big puss. Leyla is lovely in her Kitty role and brings her self three times to a small climax.

The rating: Standing 4,85 (real dancing); Pole 4,85 (real dancing); Taskbar 5 (Kitty play); Beauty 5 (girlish type) and Outfit 5 (pussycat).

Total 24,7/5 = 4,94---> 5 stars. A very good show of Leyla as Kitty Cat.


As Song of the Show this time “Stray Cat Blues” of The Rolling Stones: ”You’re a strange stray cat - Oh don’t you scratch like that

I bet your mama don’t know you can bite like that - I bet she never saw you scratch my back”.
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Nicht funktionierender Download ist kein Grund für Sternabzug. Ihr sollt das Model bewerten!

Ich weiß auch nicht was mit der Qualität sein soll? Ist erstklassig.

Ansonsten, sie weiß was sie tut, hat einen sexy Blick, zwischedurch leckt sie ihre Finger oder ihre 'Pfote' und sie hat Ihre Katzenohren immer an.

Dieser perfekte Körper zusammen mit dem Katzenoutfit war für mich einfach die 5 Sterne wert.


A not working Download isn't a point in downvoting! Rate the model instead!

Quality is superb as I can say

She is moving sexy and knows how to move, seductive looks. She is licking her fingers or her 'paw' from time to time and she wears the cat ears all the time. Her perfect body paired with the outstanding outfit is worth the 5 stars i think.
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GRRRRR !!!!!

Leyla Fiore ist ein suuupersüßes Bumskätzchen !!!

Sie hat einen wundervollen Fick-mich-Blick,

absolut göttliche Titten,

einen umwerfenden Sahnearsch,

abgerundet von einem niedlichen Leberfleck neben dem heißen Fötzchen !!!

Würde zu gerne ihr geiler Kater sein !!!

grandiose masturbation.

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