Silver Lining by

Liya Silver

 4.7 (257 Stimmen)

Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Liya Silver directly on your taskbar. It lasts 36 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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Director's Note

THE BODY gave us the privilege to be an Istripper girl !! Liya Silver is blowing away every one since she arrived in the business !! The Virgin Killer outfit, offering a teasing view on every shapes of her body (100% natural) will melt down your computer (Especially if Li Moon is stripping with her in that same dress...) A superstar is born !

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Joined in Aug 2018

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Vor 28 Tagen
Extremely Hot and sexy, we want more Liya much more!!!
Joined in Feb 2012

57 Kommentare
Vor 13 Tagen
This is a perfect 10, can't wait to see more of her! She's beautiful and knows how to move and the outfit suits her also very well. And the best part are her incredible titts, no doubt about that. I could watch her all day long with her boobs covered in that dress, jiggelling and wiggelling and peeking out here and there from time to time. She sure will be in my top 10 and take one of the upper places. Hope to see her in a bikini and some hot lingerie and maybe something where she's all oiled up and a window wiping aswell.
Joined in Okt 2015

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Vor 23 Tagen
I am very entranced! Liya have a stunning body and her bosom must be created by gods. she has a great charisma and lovely moves. Her show is wonderful and I hope there are more cards coming.

greetings to liyara`s tattoo artist! You are a true artist! Love your Art on Liya`s Body!

Guys?! This Card is a must have!
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