Boner Is Coming by

Bonnie Parker

 4.26 (207 Stimmen)

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Director's Note

Here she comes, our mother of Dragons, unlike Oxana Chic, we didn’t bring some dragons to the show :) Bonnie has the perfect look to play this character and being credible as a hieratic queen of sex.

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Joined in Dez 2012

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3. Mai
Nice. Whas about Sansa? We need more Readheads ;)
Joined in Dez 2011

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12. April
The wig looks awful and again only two XXX clips with about 11min and only one XXX clip with toys, that's not enough for an iStripperXXX card. (There should be a least 50% XXX clips)
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12. April
Schöne Titten, lecher Arsch und lecker Fickloch

was will man mehr zum abspritzen ;-)
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