Russian Fantasy by

Anna Polina

 4.73 (102 Stimmen)

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Director's Note

Anna played it more strict… Check out this endless neckline, the superhot hairstyle and her proficiency in every single moves. Killer.

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17. Mai
Well, well this is truly a VERY good Show of Anna Polina - the best of all SIX ( so far) in my Opinion ! Most of all - First Anna looks real good in this Show, the Outfit is also very good for her and looks in basics perfect - although an additional nice long Black or even Grey mainly/total transparent Robe would have been neat add. attachment for the Demos and 2-3 Clips (as far as I know Anna likes Erotic Robes) - but the very best on behalf of this Show is that the Show is very balanced - more than the majority of Shows and perhaps the very BEST subject is that Anna really gives her very best to utmost and is doing a real good and positive Performance. And Nanto San is very right with his note. Yoku Yatta/Dekimashita from me - 5 Stars for this of course.
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25. Mai
She is great Russian pornstar with a beautiful body. It is a pity that she wears silicon in her breasts!
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Vor 26 Tagen
Great show. Best show from her so far. Hope she stays the way. Hot and stunning
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