Killing Angel by

Stacy Cruz

 4.58 (295 Stimmen)

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22. Februar
Bester Kommentar - Stacy Cruz by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

A longer card than usual :) Here is the dark side of Alita : spectacular true tits, suggestive licking pole moves while starring at you, true orgasms… and on the top of that, a great role-play from Stacy ! She loved it !
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23. Februar
Very nice and good extralong Show by Stacy ! - And Stacy looks with that Hairdress - lol - really much like BA Alita and quite powerful ! Generally a real good Performance from Stacy ! - Show was a good Idea as well from the Totem/I-Stripper Team - again generally and basically lol ! (I know I use that phrase/words often ! - But it is also truthful in my opinion). The Overall is also good and adequate. So a nice and real erotic Parody and Cosplay Erotic Show ! In Basics a MUST to collect ! Yet again 5 Stars from me and compliments to Stacy - all in all really a great job and performance !
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2. April
wunderschöne Show:-)

freue mich auf folgende Karten!!!!
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