Take Me Home by

Josephine Jackson

 4.63 (156 Stimmen)

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29. März
Bester Kommentar - Josephine Jackson by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Lots of naked feet on table, she has a nice 37 shoe size. Her orgasms were genuine and quite hot ! Those tits are incredible, and as you can see, 100% damn natural.
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29. März
Josephine is so f....ing hot &sexy. She has it all. I vote Josephine for Girl of the month.

For me Top Ten For Ever.

Thanks to the Team for presenting this beautiful Lady.
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17. April
This is not a bad show from the blue-eyed blonde Josephine Jackson.

She is very curvy, slightly overweight with big-boobs & a meaty pussy.

In this show of the 12 clips only 2 were XXX for about 13 minutes of so.

She used only her middle finger in the first clip, gaining intensity as she went & then a big dildo in the 2nd clip. Unfortunately she didn't seem to get off in either clip.I was looking forward to see what the big body would do with a good orgasm. Oh well...
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