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Oxana Chic

 4.24 (78 Stimmen)

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Joined in Dez 2011

178 Kommentare
8. April
She's looking off cam all the time. Thought this problem from older cards was solved, but don't seem so.
Joined in Dez 2007

725 Kommentare
Vor 11 Tagen
Is this HOT - WOW
Joined in Jan 2012

54 Kommentare
13. April
Agree that the model having to look to teh side for direction is distracting. The girl has a natural playfulness and smile that I can't see this was necessary at all. She is very pretty with obvious physical charms and for my taste, has not succumbed to the passe fad for tattoos.

Watching her shows when she turned her back to the camera had me wishing for a flip video option so those sexy moles could be a giant 'tick' mark to match my appreciation for this lovely lady.
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