Victorian Secret by

Kay J

 4.4 (174 Stimmen)

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11. März
Bester Kommentar - Kay J by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

We were waiting for the good one to shoot our Steampunk outfit, here she is !! Perfect fit with her style, her face, her hairs… She loved it and was giving everything to offer you a very solid show.
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1. März
Very nice. I like the outfit and her body is so soo sexy <3.And I love the way how she looks through her hair.
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30. März
Kay Js cards are so boring, it takes forever for her to take off all clothes. There are only two XXX clips (only 7min in total) with no toys, just pussy rubbing and even that looks boring. She wears this ugly hat and those clunky platform boots all the time. Just not worth any credits (gald I got this card through cashback).
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