Voracious Appetite by

Lena Reif

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18. Januar
Bester Kommentar - Lena Reif by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

I have no idea what happened to her during the shooting of this outfit but she was incredibly horny as soon as she started. Strong sexual atmosphere, it will thrill your computer
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18. Januar
As a Layman (Allround) Erotics and Fetish Gear Expert - I may like to say the following.: No, objectively this Outfit - it's in basics a playful (2 visual piece )devided Bodystocking and it looks bascially good - because it's playful and has good fantasy qualities. It may very well be that LENA personally really likes this Erotic Gear Piece and therefore it makes her additional horny - resp. to have an increased personal erotic feeling. Many Women - basically only 38 - 50% of all Women btw. (!!) - like and/or love Erotic Gear, Garters , Stockings ( not seldom but not at all always of all kind - when this is the Case) and other Erotic Gear items. This is often the Case when a Women has a better , higher Fantasy than others have - not only on behalf of Erotics btw. but also in general. So , when these Women wear Erotic Gear and Outfits they like - they feel comfortable, powerful , sensuous and last not least also increased horny etc.. It is of Advantage for any good Erotic and/or Porn-Model if they like or really Love Erotic Gear. The famous Sunny Leone from India for example likes good Dresses, Lingerie and Erotic Outfits of almost any Kind until today - she is a real Allround Women/Female Clothing Fan ! This Show of Lena is very good and she is a very talented , natural Erotic Performer. I would like to suggest Totem also again to make also a few - just 3 to 5 or Shows in a Year also with nice 'new' Retro-Lingerie - like for Example "A Secretary" who wears a nice Retro Lingerie Outfit beneath Blouse and Skirt..that would be neat. Five Stars again for this Show - btw - mainly not for the Outfit so much - even more for Lenas truly good performance.
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12. Februar

ich liebe diesen süßen kleinen fickschlitten

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