Center Stage by

Lil Vos

 4.49 (180 Stimmen)

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26. Juni 2018
Bester Kommentar -LIL VOS by OLIVERLOKKY- Photographer

Lil Vos never tried SM, it's a first time thing for her ! Some spanks, tits licking, and self-choking to reach orgasm faster.

She kept it quite soft but told me that this experience just opened a new world to her.
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26. Juni 2018
Beautiful Body! I adore Lils feminin curves. Especially her natural breasts are just a perfect 10. If she'd dance a little more enthusiastic, with more energy - and of course without tatoos - I'd rate her a five out of five.
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27. Juni 2018
Was für ein rassiges Vollweib, mein Schwanz steht beim Anblick, einfach mega scharf ;-)
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