In The Wild by

Ria Sunn

 4.44 (130 Stimmen)

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22. September 2018
In an xxx-show i expect more than one xxx-clip and at least one xxx-clip without toys!
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21. Mai 2018
This show counts 13 clips divided in Standing 5, Swing 1, Behind TB 2 and On TB 5 (with sound - Czech spoken).

XXX 1 clip On TB with dildo ± 6,5 minutes. Another clip of ± 6,5 minutes with intensive rubbing and climax.

Starting nude clip 8 and RFN 5, 9 and 13. RFN = wearing nothing.

Normally I don’t like slow shows too much, but Ria is the exception to that rule. The reason:

her extreme beauty, her interesting outfits like also in this how, her frequent touching and her magic.

I prefer the xxx-light shows like this one above the xxx-heavy. The emphasis in this show is on the Tableclips.

Clip 11 with the intensive rubbing I liked the most. ”The sun ain’t gonna shine any more when your without love...”,

but then came Ria who let the Sun(n) shine. A show also for feetlovers (RFN on the Swing).
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22. Mai 2018
I have three cards of this Model because I love her beautiful face, her slow deliberate demeanor and her beautiful slender body. Most of all, nothing pleases me more than a convincing climax with the fingers and clip #11 is the highlight of this card. The anti-climax was that goofing around with the dildo which was deleted. Sorry Ria but I had to dock 1 point as dirty feet with yellow tinged toes are a huge turn off for me - Come on Totem this Lady could "scrub up" to be one of the best!!
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