Close To You by

Chrissy Fox

 4.52 (114 Stimmen)

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Joined in Sep 2013

233 Kommentare
23. Februar 2018
Chrissy du bist so heiß, vielen Dank, mehr von Ihr !!! Ohh ich mag ihre Bewegungen in Ihre Shows !!!
Joined in Jul 2011

125 Kommentare
4. März 2018
Oh Ja to watch her is really fun 5 stars more are needed please.
Joined in Dez 2007

689 Kommentare
24. Februar 2018
SeXy Geil - Geile Titten - Schönes Girl - HOT
Joined in Mär 2008

248 Kommentare
18. September 2018
Well you certainly cannot complain about the lack of intensity or enthusiam with Chrissy.

There were only 2 XXX clips out of 12 total but the first one was a full 7.17 minutes long. She had a big vibrator & she really went at it with that thing. I'm not sure how many orgasms she had during that clip but the last one was absolutely earth-shattering. I thought she was going to cum right out of her skin.Very, very erotic. There was sound in this clip and at least one other but the other XXX clip didn't have it.

The 2nd XXX cllip was a standing clip & wasn't even worthy of the rating. Just a little finger plunging.
Joined in Jul 2012

40 Kommentare
23. Februar 2018
Si godi porcellina godi.Voglio vederla cavalcare il dildo
Joined in Mai 2018

357 Kommentare
1. September 2018
I love her curvy body and enthusiastic, naughty performances! Would love to see more of her.
Joined in Feb 2011

141 Kommentare
27. Februar 2018
It's like Christmas morning every time a new Chrissy Fox card releases! This outfit is just amazing on this Fox, wow!! Keep her cards coming!
Joined in Sep 2014

1940 Kommentare
3. März 2018
Chrissy hasto be one of the sexiest dancers you have ever offered your clients!

Every move she makes just screams try and get me!
Joined in Jan 2015

266 Kommentare
22. April 2018
Magnificent and awesome body, with all the right curves in all the right places and an ass and legs to die for. Superb girl with a superb body.
Joined in Dez 2016

49 Kommentare
6. August 2018
Sensuality off the charts. Pair her dances with rumba portuguesa and you'll lose your mind how hot she is.

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