Raspberry Red by

Monika Benz

 4.32 (148 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2008

4 Kommentare
14. Mai 2017
so heiß!! so süß! so geil und witzig ja göttlich ....
Joined in Mai 2008

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3. Januar 2017
I see the other comment "Monika doesn't take her time at all." Maybe. But the point of the XXX is the performer is taken over by hornyness and just jumps into it. If I see an extra long build up I question the reality of everything, like is this just a giant tease or what? Anyway I give Monika top ratings because she is so wonderful. All the time.
Joined in Mär 2016

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2. Januar 2017
Monika is gorgeous. She ha a great body and her pussy is perfect (for me anyhow). It's great to hear her sexy voice too and the fact that she is a very sexual girl comes across very well.

The only negative about this card is that Monika doesn't take her time at all, she get's right to it where as I prefer a slow build up. I like to be teased a little before everything comes off! This card is probably best watched in a sequence following a "fully nude" card first if you want the teasing. For this it loses half a star from me, but really, Monika herself is perfection personified... Stunning!

I look forward to seeing more.

More, more more!
Joined in Apr 2016

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24. September 2018
Monika Benz is an addicting little erotic treat! She gets right to business in turing you on! A tight and hot body, tantalizing moves, smoldering eye contact and all mixed with a sexy outfit! It's carnal pleasure at its finest! I love this card! I love Monika Benz's sexy ways!
Joined in Okt 2009

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2. Januar 2017
Monika fans will be delighted because

she puts everything into her performances

and the triple x version here is no exception.

So charismatic, natural, sexy and fun.

Truely adorable unique talent. rated 5+^10
Joined in Mär 2008

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20. Februar 2018
Monika certainly has done better shows even though 1/2 the 12 clips were XXX.

All clips were on the table so there is no pole work or dancing in this clip (my kind of show).
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17. September 2018
Monika is Fantastic in this card. Super sexy, super playful, super fuckable. Oh, and they should have called this Raspberry Pi!
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3. Januar 2017
She looks very sexy in this pink babydoll lingerie.... i would remove her lingerie and fuck her hard....
Joined in Jul 2008

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23. Juni 2017
Ooo Monica. You say you like touching your body ... imagine how we would feel. Lovely ,,,
Joined in Sep 2016

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29. März 2017

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