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380 Kommentare
22. März 2017
Make a new show
Joined in Feb 2017

547 Kommentare
21. April 2017
Sie ist wunderschön!!! Ihre Mastrubation ist der OBERHAMMER!!!!!!!!!! ps. ihr Fötzchen ist Klasse...
Joined in Jan 2016

6 Kommentare
22. Juni 2016
Great Girl!
Joined in Sep 2016

223 Kommentare
7. Januar 2017
Wow Aislin ist eine tolle Frau mit einer guten Figur und einer heissen Show
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8. Oktober 2016
I want HER with all sorts of candy !!
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26. Februar 2017
Super !
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5. Januar 2017
I want candy, i got a sugar tooth

put on your shin gaurds, Sandy, 'cause i wanna knock boots

lick my peppermint stick til' the lollipop droops

gumdrop that dont stop til' its licked knot loose

MC Chris knew what was up :p
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26. Juni 2016
She performed well and made me cum.
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16. September 2018
This was a very good show by Aislin. She, of course, is a real beauty with a nice face & body.

This was an old-style Deskbabes XXX show with a full 7 of the 13 clips being XXX all on the table taking about 20 minutes. For that matter all13 clips were on the table.

She was naked, except for the shoes, in almost all the XXX clips with only the occasional time coming out with bra & panties which came off fast enough.

She used only her fingers in the first 2 XXX clips & thereafter had a big pink dildo to play with. She made good use of both her fingers & the dildo.
Joined in Mai 2017

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25. Mai 2017
I love this Lady! She has a very pretty face and beautiful blond hair. While i tend to favor brunettes, I love this petite blonde Lady and wish i could wake up every morning beside someone like her! I love her pastel pink lingerie and of course I love all the good body parts underneath. This lady has a body and sensuality to die for! Keep making photoshoots and cards for this very lovely, sexy Lady! I give her a 10 on a 1 to 5 scale so it will register as a 5.0!

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