Highland Hills by

Randy Ayn

 4.31 (334 Stimmen)

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Joined in Nov 2016

56 Kommentare
14. Dezember 2016
She has a truly outragious body. I think the low(ish) rating she gets is because she seems disinterested in her XXX scenes She almost looks shy, if that's possible...

Beautiful face, nice camara contact. I like the show, would purchase again.
Joined in Jun 2011

1044 Kommentare
1. April 2016
TOTEM, pourriez-vous checker la taille de tous les clips car ils n'ont pas tous la meme taille, certains bien plus grands que d autres.

Pour moi c est habituellemen du 720p et certains semblent etre en 1080p!

On vous remercie...
Joined in Okt 2009

641 Kommentare
1. April 2016
Queen of the S L O W striptease..rated 10++++

Randy gorgeously beautiful in all respects

shows how to remove her items seductively

Mezmerizing with the bra discarded she bites

her lip, then starts on the stockings.

By the time she is naked you will be ready

for her sexy edging to orgasm show.

Top shelf work..Hope to see Randy return

Joined in Aug 2008

39 Kommentare
15. Februar
I have over 2200 shows from almost 500 different models (so far) and it is my opinion that Randy's ass is easily top 5 - that alone makes her shows worthy of a recommendation.

It's honestly just icing on the cake that she's perfect everywhere else, too. I could watch her move all day and for the record, I don't think she's bored, I think she's going for sultry and it totally works for me. Randy rates a 10/10 on all of her cards and I hope she does more someday.
Joined in Jun 2014

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12. Juli 2016
Awesome show! She is wonderful. :)
Joined in Apr 2015

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30. März 2016
This is a very intimate show.
Joined in Jan 2019

5 Kommentare
7. Februar
This girl is gorgeous and without a doubt sexy as hell. But as others stated she seems bored and it's a shame I saw the first couple mins and was thinking to myself man I got a good one here, then it just seemed to be lack luster. Beauiftul Girl though.
Joined in Jan 2016

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15. Januar
Luv Beauty 100 +++++++++++
Joined in Feb 2010

93 Kommentare
14. Juli 2016
Love this girl. That is all.
Joined in Aug 2009

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17. Juni 2016
18 years and already so professional, so cool, so horny! Hot and horny star especially when she´s riding! Gorgeous, gorgeous!

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