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Sofia Ander

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Joined in Sep 2016

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13. Dezember 2016
Wow tolle Frau nur die Show wirkt etwas zu langatmig.Aber trotzdem 10 Punkte weil ie Frau sich toll bewegt hat
Joined in Mär 2018

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23. Juni 2018
a goddess !!!
Joined in Dez 2012

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9. März 2018
My my my!!!! I never expected this gorgeous girl to put on such a great show that is right up my alley. For most of the time she has her pussy on display as she teases it, massages it, finger-penetrates it & pleases it no end.

Sofia's pussy is so exceptionally beautiful, & immaculately presented, it gives me a boner the moment she displays it. Her pussy has the 'X-Factor' for sure. Sofia is almost as beautiful as her neat trim clean looking pussy. She gets extra points from me for her efforts with her sex toy from which she finally has a discreet orgasm... very discreet.

Sofia is one really cool sexy sensual babe. She has a beautiful wholesome body that oozes sex sex sex. She is so beautiful to watch. She's all good. FABULOUS SHOW!
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