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Sharon Lee

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28. Februar 2017
ihre dildonummer ist echt spitze. ein süßes mädel. volle punktzahl
Joined in Dez 2007

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7. Oktober 2016
Perfect - SO SEXY
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17. Februar 2016

This is another great performance from Sharon. I really like her outfit and the top shows her great cleavage. When she uses the dildo and thrusts it between her breats I find this very hot. She is not afraid to make the most of her suberb breasts and plays with them in the most erotic way. Sharon does not rush to completely strip and the anticipation builds progressively. When she is nearing a climax, it seams that she really enjoys the situation and the climax when it comes is not over the top but it is obvious that she has orgasmed and has become to lose touch with her surroundings. I am really into bras and bikinis and althougth in this performance she is not wearing either it really does not matter.

I found that I was rivetted by her performance and her effect on mby body was reaaly obvoius.
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