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Vanessa Black

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22. August 2017
Great show
Joined in Jun 2009

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25. November 2014
This hot new Desk Babe appeared out of nowhere and suddenly became an instant favorite. Vanessa Black is a beautiful woman with big natural breasts, a luscious body, and a voice that begs you to dispense with the candles and mood-making and just get it on.Vanessa has lovely, long brunette hair and an imminently grab-able body. She is verging on MILF territory and is definitely someone you wish you knew. Her show is hot, interactive, and her performance is excellent.
Joined in Mär 2015

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7. April 2015

Her voice seems quite natural and adds to my enjoyment. I am not quite sure about her orgasms. They do not seem entirely spontaneous and seem rather artificial. A good orgasm should show her whole body contracting and writhing with pleasure and then relaxation after her climax.

She is an extremely hot and horny girl. I think she may be speaking from a script but it really does not matter. I am getting really turned on by her and an having difficulty in restraining myself.
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