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Valeria Borghese

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20. Mai
VERY good Show ! This is a real good Debut Show/Card of Valeria ! - Because of this: First Valeria looks real good and also lovely Italian basically, her Boobs are indeed lovely, she performs well and knows how to tease, the Outfit is Erotic,Sexy to Horny and the Show has 18 very good balanced Clips. Therefore - the Show is some Sort of Full Package - truthfully DELICATE. Add. Notes.: If I would be a Multi-Millionaire and would have some sort of huge Playboy-Mansion with 36 Rooms - 4-5 Living Rooms, 5-6 Bathrooms, 3 large Kitchens etc. - a Mansion that serves mainly as some sort of free 'Operation Home' for 20 Girls of the "Erotic Complex" - Valeria and several other Girls and Ladies from I-Stripper/VG of the last 5-6 years would be among those 20. 'Valeria' has also a very good Artist Name Valeria Borghese is really nice and good. Of course Valeria is a Roman Female Name - but maybe it has also something to do in her case with Conan (the Barbarian) or Sword Wielding Red Sonja ( who knows ?) - as 'Valeria' is a Female Name often used in Conan Storybooks etc.. - And lastly - Valeria looks approx. 3-5 years younger than she is - but she is now 33 years young and not 36 - because after my Knowledge she was born on 17th June 1986 AD.
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20. Mai
Ein echtes Vollweib mit tollen Körper,und einen

tollen Busen.Bitte noch mehr Karten von ihr!!!!!!
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Vor 25 Tagen

Arsch und Titten sind ausreichend vorhanden,

und das zugegeben rattenscharfe Outfit steht ihr auch sehr gut,

aber von ihrer ganzen Austrahlung ist sie nicht wirklich mein Ding !!!

sorry ;).....
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