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Shy roleplay from Ava who just can’t stop smiling when she strips. A very cute show and most of all a perfect skirt for her perfect ass !

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Vor 22 Tagen
Ava's onel natural beauty with the "perfect ten" like curves. Simply breathtaking, I love her...well I just love every inch of that flawless female body. Wow! Outfit: From the skirt to the shoes the outfit is very well chosen. It just fits her perfectly, I like that skirt and that panty. The show: Good balance between the clip types. Her moves are slow and seductive, she smiles a lot. Poledancing skills are average but she's really trying and what can I say...I love it! Last but not least I gotta give Ava half a star deduction because she removes the shoes way too often and way too fast, even at the Pole. But to my own surprise I can live with it somehow. This gal's got something special! :-)
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Vor 23 Tagen
(Very) GOOD and SWEET&SEXY Show with Ava ! Well I have to say - SO FAR - with a Rating of around just 4.22 - ALSO - a quite underrated Show in my very opinion ! THIS School-Girl/Student show deserves a Rating of beween 4.40-5.00 - maybe even between 4.51-4.60. Here is the Reason. Ava has a very "Lovely young Girl next Door Look/Appearance" in this basically very nice and good Fantasy Schoolgirl Outfit she looks like a young "Sweet Bomb" ! - It is one of these Shows in which the young Women-Girl looks basically TOTALLY sweet like the best Sugar and Sexy and a real Women/Female and general almost Allround Erotics Fan like me feels the urge to carress her, hug her, squeeze her tender but strong, kiss her and 'perhaps' even more of course. In Additon Ava looks almost equally very sexy and erotical - and you can hardly tell if "Sexy" has the Overweight or the basic plain Erotic. ! - And this is almost always also great, when it is the case like in this case. Furthermore 'Ava' performs quite well in this Show and her Moves are mainly pure sexy and most of all natural ! Last not least also the complete Outfit including Skirt and Shoes is really nice - even so Totem used the nice tight White Blouse/Shirt still a few times ( maybe the Studio has also 2 of those - I dunno - whatever ! ) yet - its a nice - tight- Blouse and in my opionion also right in this Case to use it a few times ! - I like to note as also a Layman Fetish Expert. Conclusion of all this is .: In my Opionion maybe this Schoolgirl Girl/Student Card is among the 10 BEST School Girl Cards so far - maybe not in Place 1-5 but maybe in Place 6 to 10 of all Student Cards until this 3rd May 2019 AD that had been made+released in VR/Stripper ! - Difficult to say and to find out - !! - Investigation recommended - lol ! Real sweet/cute sexy and erotic Show with Ava ! Last not least I would like to note - ! We know now how Ava looks like a very sexy (Fantasy) Schoolgirl - but how does she look as a "Young Erotic Vamp" - with a very erotic Black Lingerie Outfit and a nice long Black Transparent Ladies Robe for example ??! - Basically the Opposite of this Costume ! - For this - real good - Student Card - full 5 Stars from me again - worth the Purchase ! - The Show has also 21 Clips which is mostly a good Amount of different Clipps - also in Case of this Card !
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Holy Shit. What a cute Girl. I really enjoy yours Show. Outstanding. ;)
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