Tenacious by

Lilu Moon

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Director's Note

Awesome lingerie, the zip on the panty will drives you nuts ! Sensual and lassive show

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Super Show - very good erotic Performance in many Clips ! - Really quite sensual and lassive - it's true ! - AND - the Panty is really nice - but also the Bra, even so the Panty is better. - BUT - well - the very best subject is that Lilu moves very nice erotic and slow - in fact I must say - basically she moves like an erotic Queen - and YES in many ways she is also an Erotic Queen - she has a nice erotic Figure and a real good almost timeless female Face, especially her Body from Stomach downward to her Feets is very erotic - which means mainly her backside is basically wonderful and she has very lovely and powerful Legs. Pure Truth is - she would made - by the way - an extremely good Femdom Lady for sure. Last not least the main Question however is , how she looks with a real strong Erotic Lingerie etc. Outfit - with good Stockings. Nonetheless Five Stars from me - until yet much underrated Show - and better in basics than the first Show.. Five Stars.
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Sie ist einfach Klasse bitte noch mehr

Karten von ihr!!!!!!!
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SeXy - So Beatiful - Kissy
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