Your Place Or Mine? by

Maria Marino

 4.41 (58 Stimmen)

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Director's Note

She has her pussy freshly trimmed now ! Short dress + deep cleavage = top outfit ! Some eye candy flashing with or without her panties. Don’t hesitate to move her around on the desktop, her dress was so small and her tits so big, they always tried to escape the cleavage each time she lands on the taskbar :)

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Joined in Mär 2014

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24. Mai
Super Schow sie ist echt geil wie sie sich von ihren Klamoten befreit.Würde sie nicht von der

Bettkante stossen!!!!
Joined in Okt 2008

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25. Mai
A very nice and curvy woman with a wonderful sex appeal. Her vagina is very beautiful!
Joined in Sep 2016

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Vor 30 Tagen
Pantyless upskirts, mostly at the later clips.

There's no dancing here, her performance is basically a slow sway whereupon she takes off the two items of clothing she's wearing off very slowly. The clips are slowly paced and fairly lengthy (or more accurately, give the impression of such because of the slow pacing).

Her body is very much a natural soft body of a woman, with fairly hefty breasts. Personally I didn't find her the prettiest, but there's nothing wrong in her.
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