Giving The Orders by

Maria Marino

 4.39 (135 Stimmen)

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29. März
Bester Kommentar - Maria Marino by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

This is the first outfit of the day with Maria, before shooting I told her to grow her natural pubic hairs as she is one of our rare models to be confortable with hairs.. if you are not into natural bush, I suggest you to check her other cards with fresh trim, and especially the one where she shave on cam :) never seen before on IStripper.. This fetish outfit is just perfect case for her generous natural breast !
Joined in Jun 2018

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3. April
wunderschöne Frau,

perfekter Körper,

natur Titten und behaarte Pussy!!

im Leder outfit

freue mich sehr auf nächste Karten:-)
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29. März
I'm with Bushviper.

Maria is like a gift from heaven.

From me also 10 Stars for this incredible hot & sexy natural curvy Lady.
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