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Stella Flex

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Director's Note

Those legs in stockings ! Omg !! Many variations with this outfit, with / without shoes, stockings, suspenders etc... Very good show and pole dancing !!

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Joined in Jan 2019

22 Kommentare
Vor 21 Tagen
From the preview picture the show did not interest me, it looked a bit booring to me. But when i downloaded the video preview i clicked the buy button directly!

Stella has such a naughty face expression and knows perfectly how to move her perfect body sexy legs in a hot and seductive way, i love her!

I hope we can get a few more Shows of her but please don´t fuck up her Outfits! She looks great in naughty Lingerie and Stockings, maybe she can do also a black pantyhose Show in High Heels and Leather Jacket like a Hardrock Biker Chick.
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57 Kommentare
Vor 11 Tagen
Nice girl, beautiful boobs and the outfit is in the correct order, so she can remove the slip first
Joined in Aug 2011

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Vor 22 Tagen
Fantastic Show...Stella you are so hot & sexy...the air is burning when she enters the stage...i can't wait for the next show....
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