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Hayli Sanders

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just ok
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5. April
This show counts 20 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6, Behind TB 1 and On TB 7. No Touching/rubbing.

Bare feet in several Standing and Pole, and most TB clips. Starting RFN one Standing, one Pole and two TB clips.

Hayli is the prototype of the next-door-girl. She looks great both face and body. The modest make-up is perfect for her.

The outfit was great too: the see-through top with the little beads, the white shorts, the normal lace panties and the white sneakers.

In the Standing clips varied dancing in the discostyle. In several clips the sneakers are taken off: so we get dancing with shoes and on bare feet.

In the Pole clips Hayli’s movements are graceful and varied. She is flexible, takes interesting postures and does some turnings.

In the TB clips Hayli gives good views of her body, but without rubbing or touching.

The rating: Standing 4,75 (discostyle dancing); Pole 4,75 (graceful); Taskbar 4,75; Beauty 5 (next-door-girl)

and Outfit 5 (casual outfit). Total 24,25/5 = 4,85---> 4,5 star. Very good show of next-door-girl Hayli.
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