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Ava Black

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28. März
Bester Kommentar - Ava Black by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Pantyhose with this classy outfit. It’s pretty rare we shot pantyhose, but this one is for nylon enthusiasts. We did lots of variations, with or without hose, pantyhose with naked under etc...
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Vor 13 Tagen
It is a GOOD Show and most of all really a Dream in White !! - Also a quite underrated Show which deserves in my opinion at least a ojective rating beween 4.39 - 4.50 - maybe it's also because a Pantyhose Stockings Dislikers - I think sometimes a good Pantyhose is very fine and there are Pantyhose Lovers - Males and also several Women generally - and that is good ! - I personally do love all main Kinds of Stockings - Garter-Stockings, Garterless Stockings and Pantyhoses.
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30. März

für ein tolles mädel,

mit einem tollen bobes 10sterne+.....
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