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Josephine Jackson

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28. Februar
Bester Kommentar - Josephine Jackson by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

She loved to play rough, here is a pretty inspiring outfit to get involve in your character. Those tits are incredible, and as you can see, 100% damn natural.
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28. Februar
A real good to fabulous( - first -) Show of "Josephine Jackson" ! - Well, that is a real good Show of Josephine ! - She may not look so splendid beautiful, erotic or sexy like some others - but she looks very strong to powerful Female - has a real good Figure basically that is almost equally Erotic as well as Sexy and - of course - she has very nice to lovely looking Boobs - that make something of a cosy feeling and something of an almost superior impression in fact. I also believe that she really is the kind of Women who can look very different but always quite to very beautiful to powerful ! Many Women have this Power in Opposition to the most Males - but on behalf of her she may have this "Shapeshifting" Abilitity especially in a very high or strong Form ! Furthermore she is a good performer as well and her moves are generally real good and sometimes even VERY good ! In addition she wears also a good (real) quite strong good erotic Outfit in this Show that suits her well ! - A basically/generally good Accessoire is also always a (sexy) Ladies Collar that is mostly a real good additional erotic and sexy item ! - Lady Collars - mostly in Black ( but sometimes also in other Colors) had been very famous among Ladies etc. during the High and Late Baroque Time and the first Half of the Rococo as well and it is mostly still today a very nice erotic and sexy Accessoire ! - So Totem-I-Stripper Team use (sexy) kinky Ladies Collars of different kinds as often as it makes a good sense and not too seldom ! All in all a real good Show - with a happyness and satisfaction effect ! Therefore 5 Stars from me again ! - LOL - PS.: I also would like to note - her lovely Pink Fingernails look very NICE as well - very lovley and dominant little Contrast to the dominant, erotic to severe Black ! - Fine !
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2. April
great tits, nice outfit, but she should wash her feet
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