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16. Februar
Razielle-Oliverlooky is right - Irene is great ! - And it is true - some Women really do love stockings of all kinds/sometimes only 1 kind ( like only and some do not. - later is sad for a Fetish Fan - especially when a Women has nice legs ( and also real voluptuous Women can have real good looking Female Legs...btw.) - In my Opinion Irene is so good because she can look very beautiful natural feminine OR also resp. instead very sublime to superior Ladylike and all powerful. That is a great Aspect - especially of her Erotic- and Sexappeal ! This is a Show in which she looks more natural beautiful instead of powerful Ladylike. This Show really is very good in my Opnion also a real good Performance in general from her and a good Outfit - looks like " Inside Home in Springtime on a Saturday Morning " ! Show is much underrated yet with 'only' around 4.15 in my opinion needs to be at least somewhere between 4.45 - 4.65 in my opinion. But O.K.. Doubtless full 5 Stars from me for this Show ! - Let's look what the others so will bring and if also the superior, sublime and beautiful Aspect of her Apparition will be shown - beside the natural, sexy Aspect which is in this Show more in the Focus.
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16. Februar
Wow..More from Irene...Please..
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21. Februar
More cards, please!!
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