Snake Charmer by

Oxana Chic

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14. März
Good challenging Idea from the Team and nice (charming) Show ! Basically it was a good Idea to do a Show with those 4 mainly harmless not toxic Phyton Snakes and the result was also - real - good - objectively seen at least in my opion ! Oxana made all in all a real great out of it - that is really worth a purchase - it is something special. Very mainly it doesn't look that Oxana isn't still familiar with such living Snakes it looks like the Opposite mainly ! - And that is really nice. It looks like Oxana really likes and love the Snakes - maybe not at first instance - but very soon after. Oxana really looks mainly HAPPY with them and her happiness in the End to make a Show with real living Snakes makes this Show even lovely.! But if Reptiles, all Reptiles btw. not only Snakes - generally can also love/like Mammals and Humans is more than doubtful in Truth ! However - with the Exception of Birds - as Birds are also Reptiles basically amd that Birds can like/love Mammals and Humans is very sure ! - In the End the Show reminds me also a bit at "From Dusk till Dawn".. So, yes basically Razielle/Ethan Angus is right the Show is worth getting it and the Outfit is also quite adequate for this Special Show ! - So - Totem - make some Special Shows like this at least 4-6 during the year - not with Animals etc. - but in Genreral - especially also the Movie/Comic Character Special Shows for example ! - What I personally would like to see is a real good "Red Sonja" Show - lol ! But for this Show also 5 Stars from me because it is charming, a nice Idea and a real lovely perfromance !
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14. März
sie geht sehr vorsichtig nahezu liebevoll mit den tierchen um,wer keine tiere liebt liebt auch keine menschen das ist doch mal eine orginelle neue idee,das girl ist sowieso absolut sehenswert

für mich eine glatte 5

thanks oxana great show!!!!
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14. März
There are special sites for this kind of stuff. It just dosen't belong here.
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