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Chloe Lamoure

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8. Januar
Bester Kommentar - Chloe Lamoure by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Very sexy transparent body with seethru crotch.

PS. Obviously guys, Chloe has huge boobs, and yes they are fake ones. So of course this kind of shapes won’t please all members, but she is a very good performer, has a charming smile, good energy and we think at Totem that it’s important to offer different kind of girls for all tastes ! So if you don’t like her style, no problem ! But no need to insult her or give the show a zero :) so, for those who enjoy very busty women, let’s enjoy !
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9. Januar
Very nice and good show again ! - Well this is again a very good Show with Chloe L. ! And again Chloe - (and her Breasts (!)) -looks very natural and erotic again ! Also in this Show Chloe looks very chic, fashionable and timeless at once , sophisticated and sublime to powerful. Also her performance is generally very good. - The Outfit a quite erotic Body and nice Hold Up Stockings with High Heels is also real good - looks like a nice erotic "Friday Evening" Homedress the Black Ladies Collar fits also harmonical to this Dress and gives the Dress and Chloe another further Erotic aspect. - Most of all also because of this - the Show gives you partly a real warm and cosy feeling. - BUT maybe it would have been neat if she would have worn beside the Collar also for example a shinning silver Ladies Braclet for example with light green or blue Gemstones on one arm.Conclusion.: Very nice and great Show in which Chloe looks natural and exalted and powerful womanly shat the same time. Five Stars no doubt.
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26. März
I like your beautiful curves and your very sexy underwear
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