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Chloe Lamoure

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17. Dezember 2018
Bester Kommentar - Chloe Lamoure by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Oh my ! Chloe is perfect mix of childish face with this genuine smile and soooo shaped body with those incredible tits ! That's a good show to fall in love...
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16. Dezember 2018
VERY NICE Show ! - I for my Part love Chloe Lamoure - she is really Love/Lamoure ! I do love Girls/Women with a real strong and powerful Female Figure or VOLUPTUOUS Figure - also like Katrina Moreno, Alba da Silva or Candy Alexa it is highly erotic in Truth and makes a real powerful impression Truth and Chloe Lamoure is such a Women who does this in full ! I do also love artificial - large Breasts especially Cup D/ DD and E most of all when artificial - of course sometimes also just a large C-Breast - when they look quite to very natural and most of all GOOD - and Chloe L. has such as well and she can be proud on that in my opinion. Additionally she has a very lovely Face and all lovely smile - but would make also a great powerful and erotic Femdom/Dominatrix as well. If I would have been just in my 30's a Women who looks like Chloe would be my Dream Lady ! Despite having a lovely Face and Hair - Chloe really is a Picture of real feminine voluptuous Women in Truth - very great in real ! Last not least also her Performace is really good - not perfect yet but doubtlessly good ! - Conclusion - Chloe is a Treasue that looks great and is highly erotic and charming - a real good Show ! - Therefore it is also generally a shame that she is so extremely basically untruthfull, unfair underrated in my Opinion ! - Nonetheless it is good from I-Stripper that I-Stripper features also Erotic Women of her kind and not only more or less slim women with only natural Breasts - maybe not too often - but at least from time to time ! - I for my part like basically to purchase all of her Shows and hope that I-Stripper made/produced at least 5-6 Shows with her and I also hope that there will be at least about 2 Shows among them with a real strong Erotic Outfit for her ! - I am FOR Chloe - even when I also love more or less slim Women with natural Breasts as well of course - the only direct "item" on behalf of Female Erotics I do not like so much is when a Women has just a "A" Breast/Cup and that is all. Please give Chloe a good like - generally and in Truth she is really gorgeous ! - Five Star Rating from me for this First Show - against all Odds !
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15. Dezember 2018
I got to help Chloe here as she really doesn't deserve this rating. She is a very charming girl with yes a bit too large fake boobs, who still looks really hot in that outfit and is performing really well throughout the show.

At least her performance is not so much worse than other girls on the site with a rating above 4.5.

She moves really well in the standing and taskbar clips her stripping is really hot, At least one clip has her removing her panties first and when she goes down on all fours her cleavage really looks great. So guys give her a chance, will you? she might surprise you in the end.
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