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10. Dezember 2018
Bester Kommentar - Avery by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Such a fresh and beautiful model !! Gorgeous and smiling all along. Check out this wonderful lingerie especially her bra, showing the curved down of her breast, lovely !
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9. Dezember 2018
'Import Message' of the the Shooting Crew was/is very righteous !!! Avery is indeed EXTREMELY beautiful as well as in basics as also generally !! - A real/true great and highly erotic Model that may become quite surely my actual most favourate Model - but it depends in my case also on the Outfits she basically wears in the shows and I like the normal I-Stripper Shows a bit more than the XXX Ones - especially when a Model is highly erotical . Avery looks like a 80%+ Greek Goddess VENUS that stepped down the Olymp and becomes Reality. In Addition she seems to be a good performer as well and the Show is all good ! - So again full 5 Stars from me for this real highly erotic "X-Mas" Girl and Women - a very great Beauty and Femals Treasure !
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Vor 27 Tagen
Definitly one of the highlight sets from Advent calendar garbage ...

Model with sexy look and figure.
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