Going My Way ? by

Eva Sugar

 4.45 (77 Stimmen)

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Joined in Sep 2012

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26. Oktober 2018
Bester Kommentar - Eva Sugar by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Usually casual clothes are not my first choice, but with this pink cap, Eva looks so sexy and fresh. Lots of good vibes during the show.
Joined in Feb 2017

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Vor 18 Tagen

wenn sie ihr oberteil als höschen missbraucht,

ist das eine geile sache.

Joined in Dez 2011

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25. November 2018
she still is looking somewhere behind the cam and not at the viewer
Joined in Nov 2015

19 Kommentare
26. Oktober 2018
for whom is she dancing ? she's always looking to someone in the background. sorry i love this girl and her shows but that's not ok.therefore only 1 point
Joined in Mär 2011

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26. Oktober 2018
This show counts 18 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6 and On TB 6. No bare feet. No touching/rubbing.

Starting Nude (at least no panties) one Standing, one Pole and two TB clips.

By far the best outfit of Eva up till now. It’s realistic and many times more pleasant than again and again the black jarretelles and straps.

The colour combination of pink and white was well chosen. The cap was used in a playful manner.

Eva has a slightly cheeky face, is frolic and giggly. Her body is fantastic, in particular her butt standing out.

In her show she is dynamic and energetic. She knows how to play with this outfit the role of a girl with corresponding facial expressions.

One can see in clip 4, 12 and 6 that Eva is a great dancer. The pole is her dance partner like in the tango.

At least five flawless performed turnings around the pole and she is proud of herself, when she has finished!

Several times she gives a slam on her butt. Would have liked to do that myself.

As Song of the Show this time Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”:

“You can go your own way, Go your own way

You can call it, Another lonely day”, but not when with Eva “Going Her Way”.

Eva’s shows are among the very, very best of 2018 and without any xxx. Her shows of level 5++++ are a must buy for every collection!
Joined in Jan 2009

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26. Oktober 2018
Great to see little Eva again, without any doubt the highlight of 2018, she's is a gem. The outfit is OK but the shoes don't do her any favours - I really hate platforms and wedges. I wonder if she may treat us to a more "racy" show, decked out with strappy heels of course, that would be the icing on the cake now wouldn't it!
Joined in Nov 2012

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26. Oktober 2018
Eva is uniquely sensual and tasty
Joined in Jul 2008

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30. Oktober 2018
Eva has so much energy and verve. Beautiful smile, beautiful face, beautiful body ... one of the best new dancers of the year. My heart starts pounding when I see her slide her panties down her gorgeous, shapely derriere.
Joined in Nov 2007

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26. Oktober 2018
Eva is a beautiful, tiny girl with nice boobs and is quite playful. Must get the rest of her cards as she slipped my notice till now.
Joined in Jan 2015

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15. Januar
What an absolutely gorgeous face and silky long hair Eva has. She is so gorgeous to look at.

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