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Sofie Lilith

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26. November 2018
Bester Kommentar - Sofie Lilith by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Outstanding sexy lingerie. Lots of nylon fetish and naked feet.
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26. November 2018
Razielle - tu as raison ! - Well, Sofie Lilith is really good and I tell it yet again - good is good. Well for I-Stripper it is most important that an erotic Women has a real erotic figure and that her performance is good ! - And on behalf of Sofie L. we can say that she HAS a top strong VERY GOOD erotic Female Figure, she looks also taller than she is with good 1,70 Centimetres and in Addition she is also a good performer as well - but I also have no doubt that she may become even better with time. In Addition the Outit is very erotic and her nice long female Lege looked very much as made especially for shiny Stockings ! - When she performs she looks like she is dreaming a bit - but on the other hand she is also very completely in the performance - that's nice too ! So - again - a very good Show and Card with a very lovely, erotic and very feminine, beautiful lovely Women ! And to Razielle again - C'est bien que vous aimiez vraiment les modèles! C'est aussi nécessaire pour un photographe érotique - mais ça reste beau, bon et correct Razielle ! Une relation d'amour qui reconnaît également la beauté de l'érotisme féminin est le meilleur! - Et c'est vrai - certains modèles érotiques ont effectivement une aura érotique! Five Stars from me !
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26. November 2018
for me already the istripper talent of the month december.

a bomb girl
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