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5. Oktober 2018
Bester Kommentar - Yelena by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Given the size of this skirt, ‘upskirt’ should be renamed ‘upbelt’ :) So lots of upbelt with or without panties !
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21. Oktober 2018
Yelena's a real beauty but her dancing style seems a little clumsy now and then. The outfit is great but most of the show she's waering only a part of it, either the skirt or the shirt is missing which is a real pity. Love the underwear and the panty, great choice! Eye contact with the camera is not really Yelenas thing; it can be a pain in the ass when the girl who is supposed to dance for you is simply not looking at you, even if it's occasionally. The heels go off way too often but that's chronic lately here at istripper and not something to blame the girl for.

Well what can I say: Yelena is eye candy and I love realistic school girl outfits. So I guess I'll give 4 stars for this show though I'm not sure if they're deserved.
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6. Oktober 2018
Mega geil, beim Anblick muss man Ständer beruhigen......

( sich einen runterholen ;-)) )
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