No Regrets by

Leanne Lace

 4.54 (127 Stimmen)

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3. Oktober 2018
Bester Kommentar - Leanne Lace by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Very fresh, smiling model and generous energy ! Leanne is quite playful, and she has a nice way to turn her Tshirt into a mini skirt !
Joined in Dez 2011

164 Kommentare
3. November 2018
she is looking off cam all the time
Joined in Dez 2018

8 Kommentare
16. Januar
fascinating, an angel to dream
Joined in Dez 2007

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3. Oktober 2018
Joined in Mär 2011

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3. Oktober 2018
This show counts 16 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 4 and On TB 6. One long Table clip of 5:20 minutes.

No bare feet. Touching and rubbing; yes. Starting Nude (at least no panties) three Standing, two Table and two Pole clips.

Leanne has a very beautiful carved face with ravenblack black hair around it and long legs to die for.

I liked this outfit very much. The top was shirt, dress and skirt at different moments in this show.

Thus a wardrobe for real life in the street, in the pub, on the bicycle or in the shopping mall.

In Standing and Pole clips Leanne moves careful, a bit hesitant. She looks at you asking:

”Do you like it? Do I perform well?” This apparent weakness is her big charm!!!

Her Table clips were her best imo. Always eye contact, also in difficult postures (like with the legs in the air). Some touching with good views.

I like photoshoots. In this photoshoot standing photo’s with her lips sticking out, doggy position and detailed photo’s with one lip curling over the other and in the sideviews her two lips sisterly next to each other.
Joined in Nov 2013

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7. Oktober 2018
I love the creative eye contact from Leanne in this, my first of many of her shows. I like to imagine her looking at an equally hot girl and they are making a duo card next! hint, hint
Joined in Apr 2008

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5. Oktober 2018
I really wanted to like this card but the point of view being soooo off, I gotta down vote it. She isn't even looking at the guy next to me. More like the other table on the other side of the bar. Not cool.
Joined in Jun 2008

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29. November 2018
Love the outfit, as it is something different than we've been seeing lately. Leanne doesn't really dance, she just rather sways in place. So, if you're looking for high energy pole dancing, skip this one.

The major downside of this card, as others have noted, is the looking offstage, it's very distracting. With those eyes, she needs to be looking at the camera. I'd rate this card higher if not for this.
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4. Oktober 2018

Too bad that the point she's focusing on is not behind the caemera, but just left if it....

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6. Oktober 2018
Those deep blue eyes drive me crazy. Another great card. Thank you Leanne and keep going.

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