She's No Angel by

Rita Y

 4.53 (163 Stimmen)

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6. Juli 2018
Bester Kommentar -RITA Y by OLIVERLOKKY- Photographer

Her favorite outfit, and as often when a model loves a dress more than another, she is giving a very confident performance
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11. Juli 2018
Beautiful girl. Nice outfit, but her "dancing" seems clumsy, almost awkward and somehow...strange with no confidence in her moves whatsoever. And there's way too much naked feet in this show she even takes off the shoes during the Poledancing clips which is a no-go for me. Sry but this show's nothing but a waste of creds. A pity.
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8. Juli 2018

Rita Y ist eine sehr sehr schöne Frau.

An ihr gibt es gar nichts zu bemängeln.

Besonders ihre Bewegungen an der Stange,

finde ich richtig gut !!!

freue mich auf mehr von ihr.....
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