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Candy Alexa

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Joined in Dez 2007

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14. Juli 2018
Real good Card and a very good and nice Erotic Lady ! - In the moment Candy Alexa is together with Alba De Silva my most favourate erotic Girl/Lady ! - The Card is especially all in all a REAL good Card and Candy Alexa looks generally and objectively very pretty and erotic. Furthermore also the erotic Dessous Dress is really good as well - it has a real good and interesting - basically rare color combination of light brown (beige) and black with a little bit of red that suits her very well. - The Performance of Candy is also real good and in some few moments even top ! I hope their will be some more new Shows with her to come - I may purchase all of them - especially when the Dresses/Outfits were not to simple for an Erotic & Fetish Fan like me.. 5 Stars of course from me for this Card & Show.
Joined in Feb 2017

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22. Juli 2018

Candy Alexa ist ein wundervoller,

extrem scharfer,


ich möchte ihre fotze lecken,

aber das höschen muß sie dabei tragen.....
Joined in Mär 2009

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13. Juli 2018
Candy - Du bist einfach nur: SUPER!
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