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Tiffany Tatum

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Joined in Nov 2017

17 Kommentare
30. Mai 2018
OMG . I don't really know if the istripper team is reading the comments on these shows but it seems like what i suggested a couple of shows back was actually heard . And we have more smiling girls . Tiffany was amazing and so cute . I adored her smile :D . Is this her first card for real ? . She is a natural :) . If Only Kristina was moving like Tiffany that would be amazing . Definitely amazing . Worth Buying . MUST Have :)
Joined in Apr 2017

238 Kommentare
26. Mai 2018
Another outstanding new talent! I like her combo of lingerie and counrty girl jean shorts. She's nica and natural. I almost deducted for the tattoos which I'm not a fan of, but did not since they are not overly large.

Keep shows like this coming! I'lll be there to download.
Joined in Jun 2009

33 Kommentare
30. Mai 2018
Mirror Mode?
Joined in Okt 2009

644 Kommentare
25. Mai 2018
This is a good debut for attractive Tiffany.

The tats are not distracting and her

body is well proportioned and supple

for all these aerobic stretching style moves.

When the pace slows down and the focus

is on teasing, she should do quite well here.

Joined in Aug 2010

92 Kommentare
25. Mai 2018
She's beautiful. I like the outfit, nice body, and sneakers. Worth the purchase
Joined in Feb 2008

79 Kommentare
5. Juni 2018
Thank you OLIVER and Razielle..She didn't dissapoint at all :)
Joined in Nov 2008

348 Kommentare
15. September 2018
Most iStrippers I remove the non-nude clips, but not for Tiffany. She is so sexy that she even looks great with clothes! (Although I prefer her naked of course.) Another excellent card.
Joined in Dez 2010

12 Kommentare
6. Juni 2018
Excellent talent pick! Her dance background is obvious when you see how expressive she is through her movements! Book her again!
Joined in Jul 2008

569 Kommentare
27. Mai 2018
Tiffany is so infectiously happy .... a terrific show and an amazing body. What a beautiful derriere and loooong sexy legs.
Joined in Mai 2011

85 Kommentare
4. August 2018
I have every single card from Tiffany Tatum. Tiffany, .. you drive me crazy! Keep them coming PLZ!!!

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