Take Your Time by

Debora A

 4.39 (84 Stimmen)

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Joined in Jul 2009

134 Kommentare
20. Juni 2018
Debora is really sexy again. Her boobs continuously fall out of this flimsy outfit, those clips are abolutely killer! This is not her best show, but yet unskippable...
Joined in Nov 2012

179 Kommentare
26. November 2018
Debora A is always attractive and very pretty.

I just love her pixy like appearance !
Joined in Okt 2009

640 Kommentare
22. Juni 2018
TBH Debora A did not impress me too much at first, however

after a few repeat watchings she really starts to grow on you.

Her movements and restless style are pure gold. Its always very

honest work & intimate. Debora A could teach this, really 5+^50
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