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Baby Nicols

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Joined in Feb 2017

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6. April 2018
Suuuper !!!!!

Baby Nicols ist eine wunderschöne Frau,

mit einer gigantischen Ausstrahlung.

Sie hat ein richtig hübsches Gesicht und die passende Frisur dazu. Very delicious !!!

Eine schöne Handvoll Busen,

ein mördermäßiger Bobes,

und verpackt in einem echt geilen Outfit.

bitte und sehr gerne mehr von ihr.....
Joined in Dez 2007

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7. April 2018
Joined in Mär 2011

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6. April 2018
This show counts 17 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6 and On TB 5. XXX 1 clip On TB.

Starting Nude: clip 10, 11 and Real Full Nude 17. Real Full Nude = wearing nothing.

Baby Nicols has a fantastic figure, the perfect proportions, legs and butt to die for.

Her face is definite latina with a mixture of white, black and indian race.

This outfit, which I like, with normal (!) panties we have seen before. Many combinations with bra, shorts and panties.

Baby Nicols, who is not a baby anymore, moves well in standing and pole clips. Most rubbing and touching in the taskbar clips.

As first model of Venezuela I hope she opened the gate for more models of that country, which there are.
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