Going Country by

Ria Sunn

 4.52 (162 Stimmen)

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14. April 2018
Ria, du bist traumhaft schön und sehr sexy in deiner Schow! Du hast eine super süsse Ausstrahlung!! Dein Outfit ist klasse! Mach weiter so. Beautiful 5++++++++++
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21. April 2018
I love her sexy athletic legs. Very nice card <3
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30. März 2018
This show counts 15 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 3, Behind TB 3 (no shoes/socks) and On TB 3.

Starting Nude (at least no panties): clip 7, 11, 12 and 13. Rubbing and touching in many clips.

Ria Sunn is beautiful, both face and body. Her slim figure is perfect just as the outfit.

I liked every item, but most of all the little boots, the belt, the normal panties and the collar.

All the behind TB clips are without shoes (and socks). In clip 12 (on TB) slowly loosening of the shoelaces.

She wears no socks. I liked it to see Ria dancing with the blouse untied.

Her show is slow, but spiced up with rubbing and touching. In standing clip 11 we see an other side of Ria:

for a few moments she dances passionately, shaking her butt. I would have liked to see more of that!!!

Music for Going Country -----> Going up the Country (Canned Heat) or Country Honk (Rolling Stones).
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