Game Day by

Gulia G

 4.41 (213 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2013

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7. Februar 2018
Gulia G's "Game Day" is a show with a total of 28 clips and absolutely no lenghts which is in fact awesome. There are lots of shows here on istripper with 18 clips or less which are less entertaining to say the least! And although I've never been watching a football game in my whole life this card here is already one of my favourites. Gulia is natural, likeable and so full of life and energy. Her body is a dream come true: brestat, legs, butt, midriff and belly, she looks natural and simply fantastic. Oh and I LOVE that shaved honey pot of her its such a delicious little peach so seductive it hurts down under!!! Her laughing and smiling is so natural it's infectious! She's not a stripper pro you can see that but she's working so hard, always moving and her Poledancing qualities are in my opinion still above "istripper standard". No swing clips, the shoes are never stripped. I just love that outfit, even the football accessoires just fit for me. Great card thanx team and thanx Gulia for this perfect show!
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26. Oktober 2018
Fünf Sekunden Vorschau-und die credits war'n

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2. Februar 2018

Gulia G ist ein wundervolles und bezauberndes Mädel.

Die perfekte Alternative zur Half-Time-Show.


würd mich gerne mal von ihr "tacklen" lassen.....
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