Model Citizen by

Gulia G

 4.63 (176 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2013

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17. April 2018
The loveable Gulia G with "Model Citizen": This is one extraordinary entertaining show! A natural young beauty with charm and lots of energy, a sexy outfit with a panty instead of a thong. Lots of Poledance too and (last but not least) 100% high heels action cause the heels are never stripped. No rubbing or touching either. Just the way I like my istripper girls! Perfect show for me, worth every cred. Thanx Gulia you're wonderful!
Joined in Feb 2017

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23. Mai 2018
Einfach grandios !!!!!

Gulia G ist eine wundervolle und umwerfende Göttin !!!

Es ist zwar vom Altersunterschied eher unethisch,

aber ich bin total verknallt in dieses zuckersüße Mädel.

Joined in Feb 2012

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11. April 2018
new Gulia card = instant purchase. She's my fave, please get her back for more cards !!!
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