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Mila I

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8. Februar 2018
When I see Mila in this outfit I feel tempted to rent myself an office only to hire her as my personal assistant ;-)

Mila I is one helluva secretary: Beautiful face, red lipstick. Superb curves and legs that won't won't come to an end. Hairstyle, the glasses, the skirt, the heels...from head to toe Mila is Seduction personified. Well done!!! Oh, and I just love that black underwear, it fits perfectly to that outfit.

Good Poledancing skills, the heels are never stripped. No swing clips (yay!) and a good balance between standing, pole and taskbar clips. No finger touching, only teasing no self pleasing. Great show, thanx Mila!

One more thing: Some guys here should better watch their language. It's okay to dislike a show but insulting or even humiliating a girl is simply disgusting and can't be tolerated IMHO.
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3. Februar 2018
Mila looks good and has some pole skills but her show is still a bit dull. she removes her clothes always in the same order. first the shirt, then the skirt, next the bra and last the panties with one exception where she starts without the panties, not that you will notice the difference. Not sure how much of that are the girls ideas and how much is the directors fault but its still worth criticizing. How about letting her start without the bra once. a good chance to tease by slowly unbutton the blouse but no such luck. She just was not able to keep my attention on her show. Definitely something missing for me.
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3. Februar 2018
so sexy beautiful.. Please more....more. more.
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