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16. Februar 2018
Ulysse - is really Sexy and Erotic - both quite equally and even I as some sort of Erotic+ Fetisch Expert can't tell which of both subjects more - that's really hard to say....She may not be so experienced yet and is sometimes a bit clumsy ( but only a bit !) but her performances are generally real good and it is fun and enjoyable to watch her - this is a bit like Holidays. In addition all her Cards so far had good to very good (erotic) Outfits - not too lavishly in bascis as most of I-Stripper and former VG(HD) Cards - but all had been good and most of all I personally did love the 2nd "Card Grades" a(Schoolgirl) the most on behalf of the Outfit. I don't like so much total naked and therefore "normal" XXX-Cards - I like more the normal I-Stripper Cards and especially for Cards with a more erotic Outfit I personally would wish that especially these normal Cards would be appox. to 50% not naked and the other half more or less naked. The "most worse" item at Ulysse in the moment is that - "as usual" - also her Cards are underrated - she deserves at least a rating of around 4.40 or even a bit higher in my point of view ! I would give this Card a clear 4.5 Rating - but from me 5.0 for this of course again.
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4. April 2018
Please more, she is a Goddess !
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1. März 2018
Verdammt Heiß !!!
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