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Peneloppe Ferre

 3.94 (189 Stimmen)

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25. Dezember 2017
Generally a (real) good but not great Show ! - I like Peneloppe Ferre and in her Case even the large Tattoo on her back - although I dislike Tattoos in general mainly - but in her case I like it don't know why exactly. Maybe it has something to do with her overall outlook. She has a great Body, nice real female Legs a erotic-sexy Face and I like her big Breasts also much...Only the Tattoo on her Arm could be smaller - only half as large etc. - but until today it is good that she has no Tattoo on her main Front and on her Legs also her Performance is generally not bad. So all in all a good Show that deserves in my Opinion at least a Rating of around 4.30 - 4.40.
Joined in Feb 2017

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29. Dezember 2017

Peneloppe Ferre ist ein heißes sexy Christkind!!!

wenn ich sie zu weihnachten bekomme,

würde ich sie bis ins neue jahr durchvögeln.....
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25. Dezember 2017
Perfect Bimbo with perfect curves and silicone bOObs :). iStripper defintely needs more girls like her ;)
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