Up For Anything by

Lexi Layo

 4.58 (171 Stimmen)

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9. Januar 2018
Lexi Layo is a lady! A perfect natural beauty in one helluva sexy outfit. Well let's face it: She could wear a garbage bag and still be a bomb. After all I got all of her cards so far and that's seldom these days on istripper. She's so seductive watching her perform almost hurts in the basement ;-)

Only three Poledance clips in the show but the heels are nerver stripped so I guess I can live with it. Btw Lexi is one of the best taskbar clip performers I've ever seen here, that compensates much. She spreads a lot but don't touches herself. Just the way I like it. I'm in love with her body it's pure perfection and I adore her gentle..well let's say beginnings of a sweet little belly. I'd really, really love to sink my...teeth into it :-P

Perfect babe, perfect show. Thanks a lot Lexi Layo!
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11. Januar 2018
Was für ein schönes sweet heart Babe Lexi doch ist! Einfach traumhaft süss und sehr sexy! Ein sehr schönes Babe zum genießen!! Wonderful show!!! 5+++++++++
Joined in Feb 2017

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4. Februar 2018

Lexi Layo ist ein absolut wundervolles Geschöpf,

und eine bildhübsche Frau !!!

Allein ihren superniedlichen Knackarsch in diesen Hot Pants bewundern zu dürfen,

ist mir mindestens 5 Sterne wert.

meine aktuelle favoritin.

bin süchtig nach ihr.....
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