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Kate Shoo

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2. April
geiler Lederrock WOW:-)
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1. November 2017
SeXy Outfit - Geile Show - Hammer !!!
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31. Oktober 2017
Kate is the right person for this original and well chosen outfit: it fits with her age and appearance of a more mature woman.

It makes her look like a Spanish or Latin American dancer - even the more so with that fantastic long black hair.

A solid show, but no special highlights. I miss the pole clips: that means a half star less.

In this show: Standing 8 clips, No Pole, Swing 3, on Taskbar 5 and behind Taskbar 2. Total 18 clips.

Starting nude, but with shoes on: clip 6, 9 and 15; without shoes clip 10 and 13.

In five Taskbar clips no shoes. In clip 2 Kate tells that she is from Ukraine.
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