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Kate Shoo

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Joined in Dez 2007

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5. Oktober 2017
" Kate Shoo is made to perform" is a true Word as it looks ! - She is great, great Women, great female Body, great Erotic Factor, great Hair, great long Legs , great nice Smile and a good to great Show !! Yet another Top Women I would like to say. Everyone who have such a Women as a Girl-Friend and Love could be on the very sunny Side of Life - the negative impact then of course .: Anything else may become some sort of cold 'old' Coffee then - and maybe should - depends strongly on her (true) Character as a Human and Wowman. Nonetheless optically she is a "Wowman" - no doubt at all ! - Last not least she's much a Fetish Girl - I would dress her up in ALL sorts of female Fetish Gear - each Day, Night and Weekend ! God Bless CZ..!
Joined in Feb 2017

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21. November 2017

Kate Shoo ist ein supersexy Mädel!!!

Eine handvoll Titten,

ein knackiges Ärschlein,

ein süßes Fötzchen,

schöne Beine in Nylons und lange Haare die fast bis zu den Arschbacken reichen.

Da steh ich drauf :)))

bitte eine xxx-show.....
Joined in Mai 2015

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6. Oktober 2017
Great show, great dancer, gorgeous woman! Thanks! You are really great in finding dantastic performers. it seems to get better and better. Congratulations!
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